6 Signs You Are Extroverted Introvert

1.  You have the ambiverted switch Extroverted introverts are masters of the ambiverted switch – seamlessly transitioning between extroversion and introversion as the situation demands.

2.  You can adapt to social environments One of the major signs of an extroverted introvert is their ability to adapt to various social environments with ease.

3.  You need solitude While extroverted introverts thrive in social settings, they also crave solitude to replenish their energy.

4.  You are a seeker for depth Beneath the outgoing exterior lies a depth of thought and emotions which is a characteristic of extroverted introverts.

5.  You socialize selectively Extroverted introverts are discerning in their social interactions. They prefer quality over quantity in relationships. They value authenticity and genuine connection.

6.  You have Empathy Empathy lies at the core of the extroverted introvert’s interpersonal skills, enabling them to reinvent meaningful connection with others.