8 Ways To Recover From Workplace Burnout


Burnouts have increasingly become common in professional life.  Burnouts refer to overwhelming episodes of mental as well as physical exhaustion. According to a report by Fiverr International in US, Over half (54%) of workers experienced burnout or mental health challenges due to work in the past year.


1. Build Your Own Community

Research proves that building your support system or community can help with stress management and psychological health. 


2. Set Boundaries

To avoid burnout, it is important to set boundaries to take up tasks that you can handle at a particular time. Start by creating a to-do list and prioritize tasks basis their urgency.


3. Low Hanging Fruits

It is essential to reach out for low hanging fruits or quick wins. Sort through your tasks and see if there are things that can be quickly achieved or finished with lesser efforts.


4. Share your concerns

Make sure to speak to your manager, colleagues or team members about your concerns. Sharing concerns will not only help you get support but may also help in shifting your viewpoint.


5. Take care of your Health

Any breakdown has a direct impact on your physical and emotional health. To avoid exhausting your body further, make sure to revive your health.


6. Take a short break

One of the biggest causes of burnout are overworking and long extended working hours. Body needs break in order to recover itself. Take a short break for a week or two where you can create a mental distance from your inbox and work calls.


7. Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is a way of understanding your thoughts and feelings. This can help you in identifying your thought process and taking the right actions in resolving your current state of mind.


8. Change your Mindset

In the long run, understanding what reached a burnout for you , was it overload of responsibilities or a negative perception or long working hours etc. Find out your own cause and develop ways to cope with it permanently.