DMT Therapy Effective For Major Depression Disorders In Phase 2 Clinical Trial

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Small Pharma Inc., a biotechnology company focused on psychedelic-assisted therapies for mental health disorders completed Phase 2 Clinical trials of DMT. DMT or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally-occurring, fast-acting psychoactive molecule. It is present in a wide variety of plants and animals (including humans) and it can also be synthesized in a lab. Trial as confirmed DMT therapy to be effective on major depression disorders.

According to Dr. Carol Routledge, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer at Small Pharma, “DMT-assisted therapy is a novel psychedelic therapy which aims to treat a whole suite of mental health problems that we have sadly come to take for granted as part of 21st century life. Early trials are investigating DMT-assisted therapy in the treatment of depression. While research in this area is still in its infancy, there are early indications that DMT-assisted therapy could be of huge benefit to the millions of people worldwide who suffer from poor mental health.”

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