80% of Workers Regret Resigning During ‘Great Resignation’: Survey

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According to recent survey by Paychex, around of 80% of employees who resigned during 2021 regret their decision. Further, 68% of employees attempted to get their jobs back, but only 27% of employers were rehired in the same companies back. Generation Z seems to be the most regretful age group on swapping their jobs during this time. 80% of Workers Regret Resigning During ‘Great Resignation’.

In 2021, around 47 millions Americans had quit their jobs to pursue better opportunities. The survey was conducted to understand the job satisfaction of employees after their resignation during this time.

News Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/02/02/80percent-of-workers-who-quit-in-great-resignation-regret-it-new-survey.html

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