Improved Body Imaging with Limited Social Media Usage : APA

Limited Social Media Usage

A recent study published in American Psychological Association (APA) has confirmed that teenagers and young adults who had limited social media usage for a few weeks by 50% witnessed improvement in their self image about their appearance and body weight. This was compared with their peers who had significant social media usage. Gary Goldfield, lead researcher … Read more

Addressing Social Isolation: A Way to Prevent Mass Shootings

Prevent Mass Shootings

According to a recent study in Journal of Psychology of Violence, an analysis was done on the psychological crises of 177 mass shooters. The results of the study indicate social isolation as one of the prominent causes of such attacks. Addressing social isolation can help prevent mass shootings. Samuel West, Ph.D., an assistant professor of … Read more

Commuting to Work Can be Good For Your Mental Health: Study

Commuting to work can be good for your Mental Health

According to researchers at Wayne State and Rutgers University, commuting creates a slight space that allows brain to switch and recharge. During COVID-19 pandemic, remote working deprived people of commuting, which researchers suggest might be one of the reason of increase in burnout, anxiety and depression. Further, researchers point, “We found that on days with … Read more