Imposter Syndrome Test : Do you have Impostor Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

What is Imposter Syndrome? Imposter Syndrome is a psychological feeling of being a fraud or an Impostor in spite of having enough evidence of success, that results into constant anxiety, frustration or burnout. Around 70% percent of people have experienced imposter syndrome for at least some part of their careers or as students. With the … Read more

Mental Health Is Related To Your Gut Health : Harvard Research

mind and body

According to a research by Harvard Health Publishing, brain has a direct connection with the stomach and intestines. The stress in both ways can affect the other part. Any intestinal stress can have a direct affect on the mental health of a human being. Similarly, a person suffering from anxiety or depression will show signs … Read more

6 Ways to Cope with Emotional Flooding

Emotional Flooding

Have you  ever felt an instant shoot up of emotions in certain situations? That your body stops acting with reason and you find yourself yelling, slamming doors or doing anything that you would regret in the next moment. It would also feel as if you’re losing control over your body, increased heart rate , difficulty … Read more

5 Exercises to Improve your Mental Health

Exercises to Improve Mental Health

Mental health is more than just the absence of a physical illness. It is an integral part of a person’s health and well-being. Two years since the pandemic, mental health issues have been on a rise. Around 57.8 million people in America suffer from mental illness.1 Below are 5 exercises to improve your mental health. … Read more

People Like you more than you think: Harvard Penn Research

People Like You

According to a recent psychological study by researchers from Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and leadership coaching firm BetterUp, people underestimate the degree to which others like them in small groups or while working in teams. The study says that people like you more than you think. Further, the study suggests that the ‘liking gap’ is … Read more

Commuting to Work Can be Good For Your Mental Health: Study

Commuting to work can be good for your Mental Health

According to researchers at Wayne State and Rutgers University, commuting creates a slight space that allows brain to switch and recharge. During COVID-19 pandemic, remote working deprived people of commuting, which researchers suggest might be one of the reason of increase in burnout, anxiety and depression. Further, researchers point, “We found that on days with … Read more

8 Ways to Fight Work From Home Anxiety

Work from Home anxiety

In the era of COVID-19 pandemic , we saw a complete change in the ways of living as well as how businesses adapted and chose newer ways to keep going. This meant more and more companies entering into a ‘New Normal’ with ‘Hybrid’ and Work from Home models. While the benefits of work From Home … Read more

Things Not To Say To Someone Struggling With Anxiety

Struggling with Anxiety

Often we see our loved ones struggling with anxiety including fear, restlessness, nervousness or worrying constantly. This can become a serious concern once it starts affecting their sleep, ability to work or their relationships with others. According to World Health Organization (WHO), around 264 million people have been reported to suffer from some level of … Read more