How to Recover From Burnout At Work

how to recover from burnout

Burnouts have increasingly become common in professional life. Burnouts refer to overwhelming episodes of mental as well as physical exhaustion. These can occur with anybody, even when you love your job. When burnout hits, it becomes difficult to think clearly. One might want to give up altogether, but instead, you should find out how to … Read more

Art of Slow Living : Benefits and Tips to slowing down in life

Slow Living

In today’s fast-paced world, everything is constantly moving at a breakneck speed. Sometimes, life is so fast that we tend not to give the required attention to our body and mind that are constantly calling for help. Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, the celebrated authors of ‘Ikigai- The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy … Read more

How to Overcome Loneliness- Deal With Loneliness in 5 Ways

Prevent Mass Shootings

There are moments in life when you feel lost and isolated. You feel set apart from other people as ifnobody understands you , loves you or nobody with whom you could share your feelings with. Our experts have shared insights on how to overcome loneliness and more insights around it. Loneliness can reach at any … Read more