Explicit And Implicit Gender Stereotyping Can Affect Girls’ Motor Skills: Study

Explicit And Implicit Gender Stereotyping Can Affect Girls’ Motor Skills

According to study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise, gender stereotyping affects girls’ motor skills. The researchers conducted a study where a group of female children were exposed to explicit (direct) or implicit (indirect) stereotyping and were then asked to participate in four trials of standing long jump. Explicit And Implicit Gender Stereotyping Can Affect … Read more

Teen Girls Reported to have Higher Suicide Risk than Boys: CDC

Teen Girls Reported to have Higher Suicide Risk than Boys

A recent study By Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted that 57% of teenage girls felt sadness in the year 2021. This data was double as that of sadness experienced in men. Around 30% of teenage girls had experience suicidal thoughts. The study also gave an insight into the increasing levels of violence, … Read more

Commuting to Work Can be Good For Your Mental Health: Study

Commuting to work can be good for your Mental Health

According to researchers at Wayne State and Rutgers University, commuting creates a slight space that allows brain to switch and recharge. During COVID-19 pandemic, remote working deprived people of commuting, which researchers suggest might be one of the reason of increase in burnout, anxiety and depression. Further, researchers point, “We found that on days with … Read more

Cyber Bullying, Privacy Invasion can result in Emotional Exhaustion : Study

Social media can result in Emotional Exhaustion

According to a recent study published in Elsevier, information overload from social media platforms can result in increased emotional exhaustion among users. Further, system features overload, privacy invasion, cyber bullying are some of the factors that lead to social media fatigue among the users. The study also explores the underlying psychological mechanism of the social … Read more

Long Term exposure to Polluted Air linked to increased risk of Depression: Study

Long Term exposure to Polluted Air linked to increased risk of Depression

According to a study recently published in the Journal of American Medical Association Psychiatry, people living in highly polluted areas have a higher risk of depression and anxiety as compared to low polluted areas. Study concluded how long term exposure to polluted air linked to increased risk of depression. Researchers from Peking University School of Public … Read more

Virtual Reality as a Tool for Treating Everyday Anxiety Among People

Virtual Reality as a Tool for Treating everyday Anxiety

Researchers at University of Cambridge in collaboration with Ninja Theory, a local video game company, have developed a Virtual Reality video game that would teach people to cope with everyday anxiety using breathing techniques. Using Virtual Reality as tool for treating anxiety can be a huge breakthrough for mental well being. The tool is based … Read more

Poor Mental Health linked to higher Heart Diseases in Young Adults: John Hopkins Medicine

John Hopkins Medicine

A recent study by researchers from John Hopkins Medicine have revealed association between depression, poor mental health and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in adults aged between 18-24. The study was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA). It was also found that young adults who self reported depression or poor … Read more

People Like you more than you think: Harvard Penn Research

People Like You

According to a recent psychological study by researchers from Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, and leadership coaching firm BetterUp, adults underestimate the degree to which others like them in small groups or while working in teams. The study says that people like you more than you think. Further, the study suggests that the ‘liking gap’ is … Read more

2022 Topmost Google Searches Focus on Happiness and Fitness

2022 Topmost Google Searches

According to the recently released ‘Year in Search’ report by Google on health, people focused on searching information related to mental and physical fitness. Surprisingly, COVId-19 was absent from this year’s topmost searches as opposed to last year where ‘vaccination’ and ‘preventing infection’ were the high searched terms. Read more about 2022 Topmost Google Searches. … Read more

Built Environment Design as a measure to fight depression : Research in Japan

A recent study at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) examined how built environment influences depressive symptoms among middle-aged adults and how certain kind of setup can fight depression. Explaining the nature of study, Dr. Koohsari said “This study used both perceived and objective measures of the built environment and focused on the … Read more